Legend of the Five Rings

Originally a popular collectable card game (CCG), AEG's Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) is based on the world of Rokugan, a fantasy version of feudal Japan. The players take on the role of heroic samurai and shugenja from one of the seven great clans: the enigmatic Dragons, the unpredictable Unicorns, the stalwart Crabs, the refined Cranes, the honourable Lions, the cunning Scorpions, and the wise Phoenixes. While this genre has been featured before; most notably in TSR's Oriental Adventures and FGU's Bushido (both out of print), this game is the finest example of what oriental fantasy roleplaying should be about


L5R Material

Reviews of L5R Books - My opinions on some of the published books for L5R.

The Way of the Forge - A narrative from the pen of a master bladesmith of Rokugan on crafting the incomparable blades of the samurai. Includes adventure ideas.

Bushido: The Way of the Warrior - A primer on the role of Samurai in the Emerald Empire.

Matsu Murano - A famous Lion Clan swordmaster and instructor from my own campaign.


Related Material

Japanese Blades: History & Tradition - Traces the history and evolution of the Japanese blade

Japanese Blades: Technical Notes - Explains the metallurgy of the Japanese blades for the seriously, hopelessly obsessed.

Rapier Vs Katana - A brief look at a matchup between two famous weapons.

Recommended Reading & Viewing - My list of recommended material for L5R gamers and GMs.

Legend of the 5 Rings Links - Other places to visit for inspiration.


Work In Progress

Rokugani Armor - Notes on the armour of a samurai

Warfare in Rokugan - A treatise on warfare in the Emerald Empire

Lion Clan Personalities - Short descriptions and illustrations of the major personalities in the Lion Clan.


Miyamoto Musashi & The Book of Five Rings
Historical notes on Musashi and the Book of Five Rings on which the Mirumoto family of the Dragon Clan are based

Chi No Maki (The Earth Book)
Mizu No Maki (The Book of Water)
Hi No Maki (The Fire Book)
Kaze No Maki (The Wind Book)
Ku No Maki (The Book of Void)


L5R CCG Lion Clan Letters
Spoiler Warning : These are based on the CCG storyline which lies in the future may spoil your enjoyment of the RPG modules!

Letter 1: Matsu Tsuko
Letter 2: Matsu Hirotu
Letter 3: Ikoma Ujiaki
Letter 4a: Ikoma Ujiaki
Letter 4b: Kitsu Motso
Letter 5: Shinsei
Letter 6: Miya Yoto
Letter 7: Ikoma Tsanuri


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