Letter #4b: Kitsu Motso


It is over

The time when we placed our pride before the welfare of the empire has passed, and we must now do what is necessary to ensure Rokugan's survival.

The Crab have taken the Imperial City, defeating our army there with a surprise attack from the sea. Our Champion, Matsu Tsuko, was ordered to stand aside while Hida Kisada marched his forces throughout the streets. The Lion forces attempted to fight them, but without Tsuko's leadership and tactical knowledge, they were no match for the Great Bear. He swept us aside and entered the Imperial Palace.

What happened next, I do not know. From what I have heard, Kisada engaged the Emperor in single combat and was slain. How a weak and sickly man could kill the likes of the Great Bear is beyond me, but a few hours later, the Crab army scattered, leaving the city in our hands. Then, we received an announcement from the palace - an announcement delivered by a hideous oni in the guise of Hida Yakamo. We were to take up arms again and march against the Emperor's foes. Joining us in this endeavor would be an army of Shadowlands abominations commanded by Yogo Junzo.

Now comes the time of our most painful choice. We have sworn fealty to the Emperor, whoever it is that sits on the Emerald Throne. We have failed in our duty to protect the Empire, and now we must decide how to serve the Throne: Do we serve the man who sits upon it, or do we fight to place a better man there? The decision is yours. I know it will be a painful decision, but is one that must be made.

You have heard news of the Crane victory at the Asahina Temples, Find them and join them if you can; our feud with the Crane is passed. The Unicorn are said to be holding order in the countryside, slaughtering bandits and destroying shadowlands creatures where they can be found. Help them in thier efforts. And yes, the ronin Toturi is on the march, with an army of samurai in opposition to Yogo Junzo. As painful as it is, we must ally with the traitor for the greater good of the Empire. His strength may be all that is keeping us from eternal darkness. Above all, we must find Matsu Tsuko. With her gone, our Clan is without leadership, and I fear that many will listen to the 'Emperor's' inhuman advisors in her stead.

If these words shock you, it is only because they are the truth. If you cannot swallow your pride, then Rokugan will surely be lost. We must strike against the evil now, or all that we claim to stand for is naught but dust in the wind. The threat is among us, my betheren, and it bears the Emperor's name. If we do not see it for what it is, then we are nothing more than puppets to its will. Let us teach it what it means to decieve a Lion.

Kitsu Motso


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