The WFRP Mailing List

The mailing list for WFRP-related discussions and posts has been maintained for many years already. Among the well-known personalities who peruse the list: Graeme Davis, John Wallis (Hogshead Publishing), John Foody (Warpstone), and Anthony Ragan (Marienburg: Sold Down The River). 

Among the more prolific authors who regularly deluge the list:


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The digest version of the list (several posts in one mail), send email to the same address but enter the following instead:

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Be warned that the postings are frequent and could flood your mailbox in short order!


Posting To The List

To post something to the list, send it to:

Posts should be in plain text and many of the list-members would greaty appreciate authors turning off the MIME encoding and HTML formatting. Keeping the the posts to something at least remotely related to WFRP is also appreciated. The following topics will be assured of a fiery response and are to be avoided unless you think you have enough Fate Points:


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