Elephant Mud


What is a MUD?

A MUD, or Multi-User Dungeon is a low-tech (compared to stuff like Ultima Online, that is) multi-player computer RPG. MUDs play very much like the classic text-based adventure games like Zork and The Hobbit. There are computer controlled opponents, but the real fun is provided by the characters controlled by other players who log on. This interaction with 'real' characters is a great part of what makes multi-user gaming interesting. And unlike commercial games like Ultima Online, MUDs are primarily free, apart from the line usage charges.

To locate available MUDs, try searching for 'MUD' using any of the popular search engines around (Yahoo, Alta Vista, Infoseek, HotBot, etc). To play in a MUD, you will require a MUD client to connect you to the MUD's host machine. The Microsoft Telnet program that comes with Windows will do fine for a first foray. Most players usually prefer a more sophisticated MUD client with more features. One of the best around is ZMud which is what I use and recommend for MUD gaming.

Check out Zugg's MUD Client (ZMud)


Elephant Mud

One of the older MUDs around, Elemud is where I go to get some old fashioned text-based RPG kicks. Great variety of races (Elves, Half Orcs, Dwarves, Giants, Faeries, Atrell,...) and guilds (Fighter, Rogue, Ranger, Warmage, Monk, Cleric) to choose from. Quests and deeds provide some puzzle solving for adventurers. A guest character is also provided for folks who want a quick tour of the main town of Drakenwood. Oh, and if you're planning on dropping by, keep a look out for a bumbling, decrepit monk named Wyvern...


The Elemud Monks' Guild

Location from the town square: East, North, East, Up, East

One of the older guilds around, the Monks' Guild is devoted to the continued well-being of the monks of the Order of Feng Shou on Elemud. Devout martial artists who disdain armour in favour of speed, the monks need only their hands and feet. With experience comes greater understanding of the martial arts and more devastating skills are gained. Presently the number of monks is rather small, compared to the other guilds, but it has a reputation for being a friendly, co-operative place. The current Monk Guild Leader is Avn, who is assisted by Deputy Guild Leader Moh.


Hints for starting players in Elemud


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