The Book of Dark Elves

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OK, I freely admit to being a Dark Elf fan who bought his very first Citadel boxed set, Mengil Manhide's Dark Elves, way back in 1985. Unsatisfied with the wimpy few paragraphs in the Citadel Journal Spring 1985, I even drew up my own complete history of the regiment and leaders. Several years on, and fed up with the increasingly expensive nature of the hobby, I gave up WFB. WFRP then became my main interest and Mengil and his company gathered dust for many years until the WFB: Dark Elves book came out.

While Chaos, Undead, Skaven, and Orcs have all shown up in WFRP in one form or another, there were no Dark Elves. Well, that is about to change. I have always viewed the Dark Elves as the 'Evil Twin' to the goody-two-shoes, squeaky-clean High Elves, 'Fallen Angels' so as to speak. Nothing like a mirror-opposites to provide a real challenge. WH40K uses this theme as well in the form of the Chaos Space Marines of the Traitor Legions.

There is already some Dark Elf material floating out there, notably Garret Lepper's WFRP Dark Elf Careers and Greg Caughill's WFB Dark Elf army backgrounds which I'll probably incorporate (with their permission, of course) into the book. Garret's Careers in particular, are really well done. As my most ambitious WFRP project to date, this book will probably drag on forever (bearing in mind my creaky mind and slow typing speed) and come out about the same time as Realms of Sorcery is finally on the store shelves. The rough notes would be typed out in plain text and probably formatted to RTF when complete.

Go to Garret Lepper's Archive to see the Dark Elf Careers (if you don't get lost in the HUGE pile of stuff, that is)

See the rough notes on the Book of Dark Elves done so far.

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