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MicroTech SOCOM Elite
(Model 300236)


MicroTech SOCOM Elite (Model 300236)
Liner lock folder made by MicroTech of Vero Beach, Florida.
4" blade of 154CM steel, 9" overall length, Aluminium handles. This particular knife has a plain edge in the original false-edge blade grind (now discontinued).

MicroTech is one of the top companies in the speciality knife business producing a small line of top quality hard-use knives. This model, the SOCOM Elite is available in both plain edge and combination edge (1/3rd serrated edge) and in either bead blast, stonewash or black-coated finish. MicroTech also makes an automatic (spring-opening) version of this knife.

Tough, strong knife with possibly the best liner lock mechanism I've ever seen on a production knife. Handle is well designed for a secure grip with checkering in all the right places. Has a truly premium edge right out of the box, better than any production knife with the possible exception of the Chris Reeve Sebenza.

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