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Knives for Sale List

These are the knives from my collection I am looking for new homes. Email me at the address is at the bottom of my index page if you want something from the list. Malaysian buyers only, and try not to lowball me for the customs, please, as they are at least US$100 lower than their original list prices.

Last Updated: 25 Jan 2006

Brad Duncan folder: 3.5" BG42 blade, 8" open. Ti bolsters, Black G10 handle scales. Fine condition, solid lockup. Original price RM1235. For sale: RM800

Greg Lightfoot LCC folder: 3.25" blade, 7.25" open. Ti bolsters, CF handle scales. Refurbished by maker but blade not exactly centered when closed. Original price:RM1615. For sale: RM 1100

Kit Carson Model 4 folder: 4" 154CM blade, Ti bolsters, Green/Black G10 handle scales. Fine condition. Original price:RM1615. For sale: RM 1100

Keith Coleman Sentry folder: 3.5" ATS34 blade, 8.25" open. Tiu bolsters, Black G10 scales. Warning: lockup is loose, an overall NOT a fine example of how a custom knife should be put together. If you must have it - Original Price RM1330, For Sale: RM500 (probably not worth even that)

Camillus 125 Aniversary EDC: 3" 154CM blade, 6.75" open. Black/Gold Ti Nitride coating. As new condition. Original price: RM 285. For Sale: RM180