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The following knives are for sale:

Bob Dozier Master Skinner (RM500) 3.5" blade, 8.25" OAL ***SOLD***
- new condition, no flaws, bought from AG Russell for US$180 (RM 684).

Greg Lightfoot LCC (RM1200) 3.25" blade, 7.25 OAL
- new condition but blade not perfectly centered when closed. Greg's list price is US$475 (RM 1805).

Keith Coleman Sentry (RM900) 3.5" blade, 8.25" OAL
- new condition, lock is light, bought from maker for US$350 (RM 1330)

Kit Carson Large Model 4 (RM1100) 4" fighter blade, 9.5" OAL
- new condition, no flaws, bought for US$425 (RM 1615)

BM 612 Leopard cub (RM150) *** SOLD ***
- bought in used condition for US$70 (RM266), clamp marks on blade from original owner

SOG Government (RM100) *** SOLD***
- new condition but came with a deep scratch on spine near point, bought locally for RM250

If you are a blade enthusiast, you will note that most of these prices are well below what they would fetch in the US market, so no lowball offers please. .JPG pics of most knives available.